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If you are on the road or not, you can’t miss the flag of the United Stated 🙂

Even the candy can be presented in a patriotic way 🙂 This cookie, one of Katrin’s favourite candy, shows the State of Georgia where we live in (180 degrees rotated around the vertical axis). But when I talk about food, I also have to mention all the restaurants over here. It is unusual not to go to a restaurant. All workers we know go to restaurants for lunch. We only go on specific days. In almost every kind of these restaurants you can order Burgers. But you can also get salads, soups, breads etc. You definitely need a strategy not to gain weight 🙂

One day we went out with friends of the church to first eat in a mexican restaurant and then go bowling. It was a lot of fun.

If you want to reach everything by bike you need to have a lot of time and good condition. You usually go by car everywhere and then you realize all the huge cars, SUV’s etc.

And since Halloween is over, you find people decorating their houses and shops for Christmas.  … Even their cars 😀

On day when we came back home we could catch the moment where bambi’s stood next to our car watching us. The animals we see the most are bambi’s (mostly early in the morning) and squirrels. A lot of bambi’s are crossing our neighborhood and we enjoy seeing them. And we have learned that there are not only bambi’s walking around. Sometimes there are workers walking through your back yard (garden) removing any leaves. We were surprised: „Why are there several men in our back yard?“ – „They are just removing any leaves.“ – „Cool. Why?“  😀


We wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving!