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Welcome to America! 🙂

On our way to Woodstock, Atlanta, we visited New York over the night. We had not much time so we were thinking about options. In the end we went to the heart of NY called Timesquare by the old subways you might probably know from movies. NY never sleeps. At about 2:30am a NY artist drew the portrait of Katrin and me


But during the night it was not as noisy as we had orginally expected. We were very warm welcomed by Karen, Mack, Macy and all people we have been connected with from fbcw (First Baptist Church of Woodstock, fbcw.org). We are allowed to live in a beautiful house in a very pretty neighborhood. You would love it here.

Every day we make new experiences. It starts with an extra dressing room


and in the middle of the day, you have the selection of thousand different fast food restaurants. I have never seen this many restaurants in relation to the population before. If you prefer to eat healthy, in some restaurants you can get an apple instead of chips. Have you ever seen a movie with the old, yellow school busses? They are still in action 🙂


Wednesday evening there was a huge „Summer Camp throwback“ for middle and highschool children (8-18 years). Most of them joined the fbcw Summer Camp this summer. After singing some songs and listening to middle school pastor Brian, an after party took place on the sportsfield behind. We expected 600 teens and 1800 chicken wings were ordered. 😀  9 guys were saved started a new live for Jesus this evening.

We played several games. One of them is called „Dodge Ball“, which is simiar to „Völkerball“ in Germany.

„LoveLoud“ is an upcoming fbcw event the weekend after next. From Friday till sunday everybody who wants to can use his skills to help others in need. Let me give you an example: Imagine that you are hair cutter. Then you are encouraged to cut the hair of poor people for free. (pictures of last year)


Next to providing practical assistance you can prepare a LoveLoud box by filling it up with food and gifts for people in need.


We are looking forward greatly to visit our first Football Game. Not to be confused with soccer.


We wish you a beautiful day 🙂